David Hamp-Gonsalves

Senior Developer & Code Enthusiast



Senior Software Engineer

Opencounter Halifax (remote)
  • Collaborator on a successful React based rewrite of our flagship system.
  • Architected and built Postgis/ReactMapGL based rules engine to visualize zoning legislations.
  • Led multi-team project to develop a Cypress based automated test suite.
  • Refactored 115k LOC from our legacy GIS system into our modern main code base.
Technical Environment: React.js, MapBoxGL, NodeJS, Ruby/Rails, Postgres, Cypress, Terraform.

Senior Software Engineer

GoodGuide San Francisco
  • Worked on incremental replacement of Backbone.js based UI with React.js.
  • Lead for multi-team project for Earth Day Amazon partnership.
Technical Environment: React.js, Ruby/Rails, Postgres, HaProxy.

Senior Consultant

NTTData Halifax
  • Achetected Backbone.js based application to replace and improve upon existing legacy system.
  • Guided global team members in transitioning to a client side architecture.
Technical Environment: Backbone.js, Jasmine.js, Coffeescript, SpringSource, Tomcat.

Senior Java Developer

Sumtotal Systems Toronto (Remote)
  • Designed and implemented features and improvements for multiple enterprise sized applications.
  • Proposed and implemented realtime tracking, deployment and notification system for test environments.
Technical Environment: Weblogic/Websphere, SpringSource/Wicket, MSSQL/Oracle, JUnit.

Technical Consultant

We Can Pretend Toronto
  • Architected and built a interactive media streaming service to power MMP jeopardy-style games.
  • Documented technical requirements, time lines and staffing guidelines for realizing product offering.
Technical Environment: Wowza Media Server, Adobe Flex, Javascript.

Test Analyst

CIBC Toronto
  • Worked cohesively with other developers and team members to plan, design and implement multi-system automated tests which simulate multiple users and roles.
Technical Environment: VB, Quick Test Professional.


Solar Game of Life

Solar powered, e-ink based version of Conways Game of Life which uses the ULP processor of a ESP-32 to poll charge levels to determine when to calculate the next cell generation.

E-Ink Life Dashboard

Low power, E-Ink dashboard for every day life running on a hacked Kindle and back by custom GoLang code running on AWS Lambda and orchestrated using Terraform.

Live RSS Bookmarks

13 year old Chrome extension that adds Firefox like RSS/Atom handling. At its peak it was the only tool of its kind and had 15k active users.



Bachelor of Technology (Software Development)

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology Toronto, Canada