Recharable Flame Jar

June 2022 ยท 1 minute read

I’ve learned a lot from watching BigClive and this project was the combination of three of those learnings.

  1. Free lithium cells and USB charge circuits litter the streets in most cities in the form of disposiable e-cigarettes.
  2. You can buy really nice “flame” bulbs from aliexpress for ~6$.
  3. You can still buy wonderful mecury position switches from China.

I combined these components along with a glass jar and a 3D printed frame into a digital flame jar.

The position switch also originally came from the flame bulb which uses it to orient the flame animation if the bulb is used upside down. The ball style position switches don’t work very well though, so later I replaced it with a mecury based one.

The inner frame is 3D printed and the parameterized Fusion 360 file can be found here.