December 2010 ยท 2 minute read

Note Feeder is a small web application that lets you save urls and notes from your current page.

You can access your notes from RSS feeds to find sites or thoughts later.


Why I built it

I created note feeder to help me remember things I read and wanted to come back to on Hacker News and Reddit.

One of the main requirements I had for the project was that I didn’t want to have to go to a site to do this.

Note Feeder does this by offering some convient input methods like a bookmarklet, get request or simple forms.

Technical Notes

Note Feeder is a fairly simple Rails Web App. It ran on Heroku until the bamboo stack was shutdown. It needs to be upgraded to cedar to run again.

Authentication is handled using OpenId. This greatly reduces the first usage barrier.

I put a priortiy on caching which is preformed using page, action and fragment caching as well as HTTP caching using Varnish to reduce server load and thus hosting fees.

Markdown is handled using RDiscount in the description area.

Full text search is performed using Postgres tsearch2 as its the only free(unofficial) option on Heroku.