Hourly Weather

April 2011 ยท 2 minute read

Hourly Weather is two small projects that share the same major code base. The first is an App/Appwidget for the android platform and the second is a web application.

Both projects have a similiar goal which is to give you an hour based forecast for your current location. The Android version does this using the devices build in location based hardware and the web application does this using the new HTML 5(kind of) geo-location api.


why I built it

Both of these projects were started to eliminate the pain of constantly checking different forecasts for nearby cities to figure out how it would affect my days plans.

I wanted to be constantly aware of the short term weather around me so I wouldn’t get caught in the rain on my motorcycle commutes and outdoor activities.

I also didn’t want to have to reconfigure my weather settings when I traveled or commuted.

Hourly Weather is my attempt at eliminating these stresses as well as getting the most accurate forecast possible.


Hourly Weather for your Andoid device or try the web based Hour Weather.

technical notes

Hourly Weather is powered by the YR.NO weather service which is amazing. It also uses JodaTime for its date related operations.