Generating Bitcoins using Online Ads

August 2013 · 2 minute read

After reading about using online ads to launch a javascript based DDoS attack I started wondering about how well such a system would do at mining bitcoins. These are my rough calculations.

From my research I’ve found there are 3 ways to mine bitcoins(compute hashes) using Javascript:

I based my numbers on this implementation: ( running chrome on a pentium 4. The rates are averages over 5 seconds.

I’ll show the math for WebWorkers since they have pretty decent support.

So lets say that we want 1 Million computers calculating hashes using webworkers at a rate of 13000 hashes/s. If we assume that each ad view results in 5 seconds of computing time then we can calculate the required number of ad views like:

(2 592 000(seconds in month) / 5 (seconds per ad view)) * 1 000 000(number of computers required at any time)
518 400 000 000(number of ad views required month)

Using this bitcoin calculator we can see that our distributed system will earn us 6326.96 USD a month negating all costs.

final numbers: 5 Billion pageviews 6000USD

So unless you can really crank up the hash rate this endeavor isn’t going to facilitate early retirement.