Awesome Ideas Market Halifax

June 2012 ยท 1 minute read

Last week I took part inHalifax’s Awesome Idea Market and had a fantastic time.

This event brings people with ideas(sellers) together with people who want to chip in some money to get them started(buyers).

As a seller I had the opportunity to pitch my idea to each of the buyers as they came around. This was great practice and it allows you to test and tweek each variation of your pitch in rapid succession.

You can hear one of my first pitches on Radio Canada at the 3:20 mark here.

On top of all the great practice, it’s a perfect place to garner interest in your product, earn some early adopters and meet a lot of inventive folk. The Awesome Foundation is really doing Halifax a service and I’m glad they let me take part.

Some of the other Sellers ideas that I really liked were: Fruition , The Record Shop, Expression for Depression, Empowering Nova Scotian Elders Through Arts.